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Clearance and structure of deep groove ball bearings

wallpapers News 2021-10-14
Corroded clearance of deep groove ball bearing
The radial clearance of deep groove ball bearings is divided into original clearance, installation clearance and working clearance. Usually, the original radial clearance of the bearing is greater than the clearance when the bearing is working. Clearance is an important technical parameter of bearing, it directly affects the bearing load distribution, vibration, noise, friction, service life and mechanical movement accuracy and other technical performance. Strictly speaking, the rated dynamic load of bearings varies with the size of clearance.
The rated loads (C and C0) listed in the product sample are the values of the load when the working clearance is zero. Too large clearance will cause the bearing internal bearing area to decrease, the rolling contact surface stress increases, the bearing motion accuracy decreases, vibration and noise increases, the service life of the bearing is shortened: if the clearance is too small, it will cause heating and temperature rise, and even lead to the bearing in operation "bite" phenomenon. Therefore, it is very important to select different grades of bearing clearance according to the type and working conditions of bearings.
Structure of deep groove ball bearing
Deep groove ball bearings have a simple structure and are easy to achieve higher manufacturing accuracy compared with other types, so they are easy to be produced in a series of large quantities, with lower manufacturing cost and are very common. In addition to the basic type of deep groove ball bearings, there are all kinds of variant structures, such as deep groove ball bearings with dust cover, deep groove ball bearings with rubber seal ring, deep groove ball bearings with stop groove, deep groove ball bearings with large load capacity ball gap, double row deep groove ball bearings.
Deep groove ball bearing supplier
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