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What is Nano Silica?
Nano silica is a type of inorganic chemical material. It is amorphous white powder, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, round microstructure, flocculent, and reticulate quasi-granular structure.
Nano silica is stable, insoluble in water as well as acid (other than hydrofluoric acid) and also natural solvents, soluble in antacids and also hydrofluoric acid. It has superb special residential properties such as light, power, pressure, warm, magnetism, radiation as well as absorption, which can enhance the aging resistance, strength and also chemical resistance of other materials. The chemical security of SiO2 is figured out by the Si-O-Si bond. It has been paid more and more attention in the material field due to its exceptional residential or commercial properties, such as low price, high temperature resistance, deterioration resistance, great insulation and more.

Silica nanoparticles are non-toxic, unappetizing as well as pollution-free not natural non-metallic products with tiny size and also huge specific surface, with high toughness and also high stability. Under the test of transmission electron microscopic lense, the nano-material programs a flocculent or reticulate quasi-particle structure. The size of silica nanoparticles is just a few nanometers to thousands of nanometers, as well as the surface electron distribution and also molecular arrangement of silica nanoparticles are various from those of macroscopic products. a number of significant residential properties of nanoparticles make them show a series of unique residential or commercial properties, including light, electrical energy, warmth, audio, magnetism and so forth.

What is Nano Silica Utilized for?
Paint, ink: Thickening, thixotropy, anti-settlement, increase the hardness of the coating, scratch resistance and various other functions.
Coating: Improve fluidness and also anti-caking efficiency.
Plastics, fibers, movies: Reinforced, strengthened, wear-resistant.
Glue representative: Reinforcement, enlarging, hydrophobicity, rheological control.
Sprucing up: Precision sprucing up of light weight aluminum alloy, sapphire, glass, silicon wafer and various other products.
Cement: Improvement.
Textile dimension.
Anticaking representative: Avoid the base material powder from getting moist, prevent caking, and also maintain great flow performance.
Defoamer: Superb hydrophobicity and also dispersion, improve defoaming capacity as well as improve defoaming efficiency.
Rubber: Enhance the filler and also improve the mechanical properties of the material.

Nano-silica can likewise be utilized in petroleum industry, ceramics, papermaking, catalysts, polishing, batteries and so on.

Nano silica Price
The cost is influenced by numerous variables including the supply and demand in the market, sector fads, financial task, market view, and also unanticipated events.
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Nano silica Distributor
Technology Co. Ltd. is a relied on Nano silica manufacturer and also Nano silica vendor with over 12-year-experience. We deliver our products throughout the world.

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