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Has four GBT plug EV DC fast charging stations

wallpapers News 2021-04-28
120kW~160kW four GBT plug EV DC fast charging stations, this series of DC charging stations are composed of parallel charging power modules with active power factor automatic correction function, which can realize the four-gun charging function at the same time. It is widely used in various outdoor places such as highways and parking lots, and has been successfully used in large charging stations around the world.
Features of 120kW~160kW four GBT plug EV DC fast charging station
1. The output power is 120kW, 160kW
2. The connector is a 4 GBT plug that can support 4 cars at the same time
3. Networking mode: 4G, Ethernet
4. Support OCPP 1.6J
5. Suitable for public parking lots, bus stations, gas stations, expressway service areas

EV fast charging station function
1. Friendly operation display, available in English, Spanish, French and Spanish;
2. Safety protection design to ensure that the system is stable, reliable and compatible;
3.The charging module is controlled accurately, the output control accuracy is high, the response speed is fast, the failure rate is low, and the protection mechanism is advanced;
4.Adopt first-class international brands;
5.The modular design supports a higher output power of 200kW.

GBT DC fast charging station system advantages
1.The new and old national standards are compatible with the design, and the charging voltage can be automatically configured according to the needs of different models to meet the charging needs of different models.
2.The cloud platform service system integrates Ethernet and 4G communication methods to realize user billing, user settlement, report statistics, equipment maintenance, remote monitoring and management and other functions. Managers can conveniently count the operation of the charging station.
3.Through APP, WeChat, Alipay, you can realize positioning, navigation, fee reservation, code charging, real-time query and other functions, and support WeChat, Alipay and other payment methods.
4.Powerful sub-power and constant power functions, optional dual-gun simultaneous output, sub-power charging and four-gun simultaneous charging, can shorten the charging time by 20%.
5.Complete electrical safety design, with functions such as regular real-time monitoring of safety protection, pre-diagnosis of equipment abnormalities, alarm feedback, and BMS independent safety protection.
6.IP55 protection grade, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and flame-retardant. It has protection functions such as over temperature, overload, short circuit, leakage, and reverse battery connection.
7.Humanized design, convenient for customers to swipe the card, take out the gun, emergency stop and other operations. The charging gun head is equipped with an electronic lock to prevent the gun head from being pulled out randomly while charging to ensure personal safety.
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